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Written in 1925

The Indian Ring Rege indeed powerful labor would be to go after everything that preceded was foreseeable.
They beg on with the head of construction to be. someone who bewezen.had organi-in talent groote technical and administrative talents to mate, nt. den gepensionneerden ~ titular Colonel of the genius of the Indian army Dayid ¥ heaters chalk.
Great is the invloeq been by that eminent engineer of the railways in India go to. Brilliant knew Mr Marshall to the dogma grown under ~ claim that the Indian Government would be powerless, an important work to bring to falsify. Under his hands people saw the work grow, the difficulty ~ den, which is widespread, and sometimes grew to have forces that are less strong fi ~ guren for beaten down would have been overcome by Marshall, zoodat of stagna tion in the work not was.
Upon his appointment as chief engineer, chief of service of the State Railways den, Marshal major powers had agreed, he belongs with his person eel under
de'Burgerlijke Public Works (BOW), the departmental link zeet loose, so that the service of the State Railways (SS) Practically speaking, was virtually independent. In den Rege Ring Almanac for the year 1876 is, under the heading "State Railways" on page 5390pgeteekend: "The verhoudjng van den chief of this branch of service to the management of civil works is scheduled zoodanig that it's all v ~ RME ~ "s, which eenigermate to cover and delay of work before the railway ~" construction could lead. " The instruction van den van den chief service was by decision of 2 August, 1875 No.5 and gave enough space for movement, while when ~ former Director of BOW, Mr Bruyn, cooperated to tevoorkomen that ge ~ initiated to related to bureaucratic problems that need room for maneuver was limited.

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